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Our Story

It's in the family

We are lucky to be one of the very few remaining dairy farms that still farm the "old school" way.  All our cows go out to pasture during the dry weather and are known by their individual characters. We pride ourselves on giving our herd and their off spring a life of love, care and attention.  We hope by opening up the campsite we will be able to support our way of farming for many more years to come.  

It's safe to say farming is in our blood, as my ancestors have been working the land for well over 150 years.  Tatton Farm has been in the family for over 90 years when it was bought my great-grandfather.  He grew up on his family farm near Radipole but as he was one of seven he had to find his own way when he was old enough.  My family have farmed here ever since and my own two sons have inherited the love of farming too so it looks like Tatton Farm shall be in the family for a bit longer!

My sons, Rafe and Freddie, are excited about having a new adventure here at Tatton and will no doubt be around at weekends and during the school holidays to say hello!  My wife Vicky is the one who does the technology side of things so if you need any help with your booking (or anything non farm related) she will be on hand to help.

So from my family to yours - we look forward to welcoming to our campsite soon.  



Meet Steve, Rich, Rafe and Freddie

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